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Cigarette Butts & Litters

Cigarette butts are the TOP  littered item found on beaches and the environment. Cigarette butts are unconsciously and inexcusably dumped by the trillions (5.6 trillion and counting) into the global environment each year. That is LOTS! And to make it worse the filters contain plastic.

Most cigarette filters on the market are made up of plastic cellulose acetate that when it breaks down in the environment leaches all the toxic chemicals from both the cigarette inhalation products and the plastic. This is not good for us or the environment!  Sea-life and wildlife mistake cigarette butts as food; the toxins stored in the plastic containing filter can either harm and/or kill the creature and enter into our food chain.

It is not just the littered cigarette butts that are harming our environment but (pun intended) it is also the plastic wrap on the pack of cigarettes and the plastic cigarette litter that are also polluted into our environment.

The best solution (if you are a smoker)  may take time and effort however kicking the smoking habit will help you decrease the amount of one time use plastic that you are directly creating.

However, if quitting is not a foreseeable solution at this current time, be an example to others and do not litter your butts. #holdontoyourbutt and switch to match sticks instead of plastic lighters or use a refillable stainless steel lighter such as the Zippo.