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Hair Maintenance


From plastic razors with disposable blades all wrapped in plastic (not to mention entirely disposable razors) to the containers and wrapping that our shaving cream comes in, shaving can be an extremely wasteful practice.

Luckily, shaving plastic-free doesn’t have to mean giving up shaving entirely (although you are totally welcome to)!


Think old school: straight razors for men’s faces and stainless-steel safety razors for body shaving. Ditch the shaving cream and lather up with package-free bar soap or shaving bars.

Plastic-free pro tip: shaving with a safety razor is different than with a disposable razor. Using short strokes and minimal pressure simply glide the razor across your skin at a 30-degree angle.

Find a straight razor or safety razor at Canadian Blade Co.


This ancient practice of hair removal is natural, edible, plastic-free and less painful than waxing.

There are various sugaring studios here in Winnipeg or if you willing to sugar yourself you can make the sugar at home with three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon juice and water. 

Plastic-free pro tip: If you are making your own sugar, first remember to heat your mason jar before putting the hot syrup in it to cool and a candy thermometer is a necessary item if you are a beginner at making sugar.