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Menstrual Products

According to a 2004 report,

over the course of a lifetime, the average woman will menstruate about 440 times.

she'll use about 15,000 sanitary napkins or tampons,

adding up to 125 to 150 kg of waste.


Packaged tampons and pads are wasteful, expensive, and contain pesticides and chemicals from the farming and processing of the cotton they are made from.  


It’s a no brainer to switch to something that is kinder to your body and the environment, not to mention your wallet!


For those that prefer tampons, silicone menstrual cups are the way to go. A silicone menstrual cup (such as the Diva Cup – a Canadian company) costs about $40.00 up front, but lasts several years with proper care.  


Diva Cups are available at most grocery stores and chain pharmacies or more locally at Generation Green or Vita Health.

Plastic-free pro tip: to further minimize plastic waste, clean your menstrual cup in boiling water according to package instructions instead of with soap or cleanser from a plastic container.


For pad-preferring individuals, simply opt for a washable cloth alternative! Unique styles of re-usable pads and period panties are available that can be rinsed with cold water at the end of the day, hung to dry, then washed with your regular laundry.


A Manitoba company the Tree Huggers Cloth Pads has created fun looking pads. 

Two other Canadian reusable pads are Lunapads and Fabulous Flo


Tampons and pads aren’t kind to our bodies or our environment.

Treat yourself and the Earth with love and switch to

a silicone menstrual cup or washable pads instead!