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Beauty Simplified

Mainstream makeup and beauty products are typically heavily packaged, and often contain harmful and potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

Love yourself and the environment by updating your beauty regimen to include some luxurious, DIY products instead!

Take a look in your bathroom – how many bottles of assorted hygiene products do you have? Chances are, it’s probably more than you need! A huge array of personal hygiene products (not to mention cosmetics) is available to us in modern society.

But do we really need them all? Or are we just being convinced that we do by corporations in order for them to make a profit?


The first step to reducing waste in your personal hygiene routine is cutting out what you really do not need. For example, a single type of moisturizer is totally suitable for your face and body.


The next step is to change over from package-heavy products to package-free products. In addition to standard soap, you can find shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, and many other products in solid form without plastic packaging (check out Lush).


Another option is to seek out stores with refill stations, where you can simply refill and re-use your original container or bring a glass jar to hold your product (visit Generation Green at the Forks!)


Last but not least, make your own hygiene products! Just look in your kitchen cupboard: coconut oil is great for conditioning and de-frizzing hair, apple cider vinegar can be diluted to make facial toner, and brown sugar and maple syrup can be mixed to make edible body scrub.

Of course, opt for ingredients from glass containers or in bulk whenever possible! The Internet has a bounty of recipes, many with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen!


Check out Wellness Mama for DIY personal hygiene product recipes!