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We have previously discussed soaps, shampoos and conditioners,

now it is time to make the entire shower plastic free.



Most shower curtains are made of plastic.  Did you know PVC shower curtains or liners can release toxic volatile organic compounds like toluene and xylene.  This is not good for your health or home or earth, especially when you are trying to get “clean”.

Hemp shower curtains are a safer choice.  Did you know, hemp is biodegradable and naturally resists mildew.

Other eco-friendly shower curtain options include linen, organic cotton, burlap or jute.

Where to purchase these alternatives:


Switch your plastic sponges and body exfoliators to bamboo body brushes or loofahs

(a natural option that you can compost).

Well Canada carries various loofahs.


*Note: the rest of the bathroom is not being covered in any future or past posts.  Think about a bamboo toilet brushes and bamboo, glass or metal hand soap dispensers that are refillable.