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The amount of plastic garbage bags that are used to throw away garbage each week is a huge, unnecessary addition to the amount of plastic in the landfill.


We know plastic bags are bad, so why are we using them to collect our trash? Believe it or not, there are other options available for throwing out your trash than a plastic bag. 

The solution is easy.


1. Use compostable bags that can break down over time.

2. Line your garbage bin with newspaper, flyers or paper bags.

3. Use washable liners for your garbage bins that can be tossed in the washing machine once you bring the trash out to your larger bin. We sewed up old shower curtains and used them as garbage bin liners.

4. Skip the bag altogether and rinse out your trash bin after you empty it

This is a little more difficult in the winter months, but even if you just do this option in the warmer months it can cut down tremendously on the overall number of bags used.

5. Switch your habits to zero waste or limited waste. Once you are aware what can be recycled, what can be composted or what can be repurposed you will not have that much trash anymore. Start composting your food scraps and once you have put your recyclables in their bin you will have little to no trash left over and will likely not require a bag at all.

Compostable Bags:
  • BioBag (Canadian Brand)

  • If You Care

  • Seventh Generation