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Office and School


Unfortunately, stores are already advertising back to school items and we are not even half way through the summer.

When shopping back to school or for your office think plastic free!
  • Buy in bulk

  • Avoid plastic wrapped items

  • Invest in refillable pens

  • Buy metal coil bound notebooks and/or recycled cardboard binders

  • Go old school and use a wood pencil

  • Choose paper or cardboard duo-tangs and dividers

  • When purchasing electronics, it is very hard to avoid plastic, so to help decrease the footprint of electronic plastic:

  • Avoid electronics manufacturers who have not committed to phasing out PVC and other toxic chemicals in their production

  • Check out Greenpeace’s Greener Electronics Guide

  • Buy from companies that pledge to “take it back” when you are finished with the item

  • Responsibly recycle electronics

School Bags, Brief Cases, Lunch Boxes and Pencil Kits
  • Choose natural material: hemp, linen, cotton, leather

  • Reusable cloth or metal lunch box

  • Avoid the shiny plastic bags (they break over time and are hard to repair and are usually plastic!)

Please check out:

Center of Health Environment & Justice

Back to School Guide to PVC Free School Supplies