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Take-Out Containers

When dining out and you have leftovers, where do the leftovers go? As a conscious individual you want all the amazing food you paid for, therefore the takeout container is a must.  Take-out containers are typically made of plastic or styrofoam. 

Styrofoam is just as bad as plastic, maybe even worse. It does not degrade, it releases toxic chemicals when it gets wet or heated, it isn't recyclable in most recycling factories, it is a non-sustainable resource as it is made out of petroleum. When it does break down into smaller pieces it can clog our drainage ways or animals and fish can eat the Styrofoam fragments causing deadly harm.

Plastic takeout containers are typically one time use items, and if they are reused there is an increase in the chance of the plastic leaching their toxic chemicals into the food the container is preciously holding. 

There are cardboard containers that are just as bad if they are lined with plastic.

The Solution
  1. The most sustainable option to take-out containers is to bring your own take-out container.

    • Stainless Steel - ie. Eco Lunch Boxes

    • Glass - ie. Life Factory or Anchor TrueSeal

  2. Encourage restaurants to use eco friendly, biodegradable take out containers.


Where to Purchase Sustainable Take-Out Containers:


Generation Green at the Forks, Winnipeg, MB