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Reusable Produce Bags

Many people are familiar with the concept of using reusable shopping bags while doing their grocery (or other) shopping. However, another plastic culprit remains at large in the grocery store: single use produce bags! These bags are flimsy and not amenable to re-use, and are consumed in very large quantities. Luckily there is a solution: reusable produce bags! These bags are designed to be lightweight so as to not add significant cost to your grocery bill. Simply throw them in the washing machine after use.


Worried about wilting veggies? Transfer your purchases into glass jars to keep them fresh in your fridge. This is especially useful for herbs!


Plastic-free pro tip: to avoid forgetting to use your awesome reusable produce bags, keep them with your reusable shopping bags in a place where you will readily see and remember to use them, such as in your mud room or in the trunk of your car!

Check out Generation Green at the Forks to grab some of your very own reusable produce bags.