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Coffee & Tea Time


Coffee and hot beverage takeout cups, lids and stir sticks account for one of the top polluted plastics globally. Keurigs and single pod brewing machines have  become very popular over the years, however the pods have become an increased burden to global pollution. Let’s start our day off right, with less plastic!

When dining in at these establishments ask for the glass mug or even better bring your own thermos or to-go mug.

Did you know some place even give you discounts when you use your own container?

Making coffee at home may contain plastic products as well.  Your coffee machine may contain plastic and when water is boiled in the plastic container or when poured over the plastic filter there is a chance that plastic chemicals can leach into your cup of joe – Lets say cup of NO! Side note: Did you know that inside coffee makers, the tubing can be a place where mold and mildew grow and can be found in your cup of wonderfulness?!

Investing in a glass French Press or stainless steel kettle would eliminate the risk of leaching chemicals and the risk of mold and mildew. Brands such as Chemex Coffee Maker, Hario, Bialetti are plastic-free brewing options.


How about those K-cups and Coffee Pods.  Skip the coffee pods all together or invest in a reusable pod or switch to a completely plastic-free brewing option (see above).


Plastic in TEA BAGS?? Shocking right, but it is true!  Pressed or silken tea bags do contain plastic to help strengthen the tea bag from ripping. Some brands do mix the string and bag tea bags with plastic to make them stronger.  And to make it worse some companies coat there bags with a chemical to help prevent tears that is deemed a probable human carcinogen. Yikes! Loose tea in stainless steel infusers is a great option to go plastic free for tea time!


Plastic-free alternatives:

Buying coffee beans, coffee grinds or tea leaves, bring your own container and get it refilled.

A few places locally that will fill your container with tea leaves or coffee beans/grinds are Cornelia Bean, Scout Coffee and Tea, Bulk Barn, David’s Tea. The safest way to protect yourself and the environment is to buy fair trade, organic, refillable coffee and tea leaves.