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Many cities throughout the world are putting bans on balloons. Balloons or making balloon animals may spice up your party or releasing them into the sky to commemorate a big life event. May seem like harmless fun, but either way they are one-time use plastic that are creating hazards to our world.

We all know balloons are a choking hazard to humans, but what about the animals? More and more videos are coming out recently of wildlife and sealife mistaking balloons as food which can harm and even kill them.

Even biodegradable plastic balloons can cause harm. It takes time for them to break down, and in the meantime they are mistaken as food.

What about the plastic strings or plastic sticks to hold the balloon in its correct location. Yep - not good! The lines can strangle wildlife and sealife.

Let’s say no to using balloons. Balloons blow… don’t let them go!

Alternatives for Decorations:

Banners, Flags, Streamers that can be reused.

Blowing Bubbles


Dancing Inflatables


Garden Spinners and Pinwheels

DIY Bunting, Paper Tissue Pompoms (reusable), Painted Rocks