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Gift Wrapping

There is something to be said about the joy you feel when you find the perfect gift for someone and put it in a nicely wrapped package and present it to them. You can find even more joy out of not using materials to wrap your gifts that will disrupt the planet in the process.

Some options include:


  • Use plain recyclable paper or newspaper.

  • Use string to tie up your gift rather than plastic tape or plastic string.

  • If you really want to have a fancy design, you can always draw or paint the paper prior to wrapping and this will give a very personal touch that the gift recipient will surely appreciate.

  • Encourage recycling or reuse of the paper after the gift is opened.

  • If you receive gifts in regular gift bags (some that contain plastic), reuse it as many times as possible. Recycle when they are not able to be used any more or repurpose them into small bags or wrapping paper.

  • Reusable gift wrap is also an option and is made of patterned fabric. They sell this at Lush or you could make your own. Again, with this option ensure that your gift recipient will reuse it, and if they do not plan to, then kindly ask to have it back so that you can reuse it again.

  • Make your own drawstring bags that you can place gifts inside of and that people will surely reuse