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Paper Items

All three of these paper products mainly come with plastic packaging.  From the tissue boxes wrapped in plastic to potentially all the toilet paper or paper towels individually wrapped and then wrapped again in plastic.  This is too much plastic!

Paper Towel

Alternative to paper towel:

  • Cloth towels or old shirts or rags.

  • Biodegradable sponges. 

  • For grease use old flyers or paper or strainer.

  • Cloth napkins and table clothes.


Toilet Paper
  • Alright so to some this may be a little far fetch for our western ways, however can you please keep an open mind.

  • Alternative do not use toilet paper, rinse with a spray bottle or bum gun, or invest in a bidet.

  • Make your own toilet tissue with using old material (bed linens, shirts, ect) – we do this for our babies so why don’t we use this for ourselves.

  • Go green by using plant leaves – have a bathroom plant specific to using it for “toilet leaves”

  • Invest in a squatting toilet or leg raiser (Squatty Potty).  By changing the angle of your rectum, number two becomes wipe free or only needing one square of toilet paper to wipe with. *Highly Recommend* helps decrease constipation and hemorrhoids.

  • If toilet paper is your cleaning choice invest in plastic free toilet paper. 

    • Seventh Generation 

    • Marcal

    • Green Heritage

    • Tork

    • Natural Value

    • Tree Free

    • Green2

    • Emerald

    • Nimbus


Tissue Paper

Tissue paper typically in Canada comes in a box with plastic as a barrier to prevent the issue from all coming out.

  • Go old school and carry a handkerchief.

Plastic free pro tip: have many.  Stock up when using cloth.