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Clothing Crisis

We live in a society that places value and meaning on material things like clothing and our appearance is one of those things.  Trying to stay up to date with the in-season trends can be hard and expensive and harder on the environment!  Fast Fashion is a crisis in our world and there is a lot of information online about the horrible effects that the fashion industry has on the world and people.

For the purpose of plastic free tips, we will just focus on the materials and quality over quantity.


The fashion industry has incorporated plastic into our clothing materials.

Plastic Fibers used include:

  • Acrylic

  • Acetate

  • Lycra

  • Spandex

  • Modal

  • Nylon

  • Olefin

  • Polyester

  • Rayon

  • Spandex

  • Vinyl

From faux fur to fleece, satin to velvet, did you know that these have plastic fibers in them to create the textile. Therefore these synthetic fibers should be called plastic fabric.   

Did you know that synthetic fabrics create microfiber pollution when laundered?  It is true. The plastic fiber in the clothes break down and get washed down the drain, causing harm to the animal life on the other side.


Choose natural fiber, such as

  • Organic cotton

  • Hemp

  • Ethically raised wool

  • Silk

  • Linen

  • Cashmere

  • Jute

  • Buy second hand

  • Make your own clothes or Mend and Repair

  • Not just clothing think plastic free shoes.

  • Feel Goodz is a brand that creates plastic free shoes.

  • Donate your clothes

  • Repurpose old or worn out clothes, turning them into wash clothes, blankets, or bags

  • Sell to second hand stores

Plastic-free pro tips:

Buy excellent quality clothing that will last you for a long time rather than inexpensive clothing that will show wear and tear quicker leading to purchasing more items

For hangers and shoe racks, choose wood or metal alternatives.

Remember when shopping to bring your own bag.