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Plastic Free Living

Guide to a Plastic Free Life

We have the know-how you need.

Plastic Free Living

Plastic is everywhere and is toxic to ourselves and the world.  Decreasing, limiting or eliminating all plastic in your life may be difficult because plastic is everywhere. From the plastic packaging of products to plastic in textiles, the majority of companies  on the market today do not make it easy for one to avoid plastic.  

However, it is possible!  Moving towards a plastic free, waste free life is the optimal goal and it is achievable.   Making any lasting change by limiting the use of plastic in ones life is beneficial to all, environmental and individual. 

The shift to a plastic free life may not happen over night and it may be overwhelming.  Remind yourself that any efforts you are making are efforts you are making to better your life and our world.  We applaud you on taking the efforts to decrease the amount of plastic in your life however big or small it make be.

Below is a guide on various ways to decrease the amount of plastic in your life.  

We are here for your support in the transition to a plastic free waste free life.  Share with us your experience or suggestions on other ways one can make the effort to live a plastic free life.

Guide to a Plastic Free Life


Start Easy

Plastic Cutlery

Shopping Bags


Take-Away Cups and Containers

Plastic Bottles


Buy in Bulk


Food Storage

Garbage Bins and Recycling Liners

Grocery Shopping Smart


Paper Towels

Produce Bags

Tea Time


Soaps and Shampoos

Shower and Shower Curtains

Toilet Paper

Self Care

Beauty Products

Clothing Crisis

Hair Maintenance - Safety Razors & Sugaring


Mouth Care

Period Products 

Tissue Paper

Under Arm Care




 Party Decoration







Daily Living

8 R's

Cell Phone Cases

Chewing Gum

DYI Cleaning Supplies

Fast Food

Gift Wrapping

Laundry Room

Let Your Voice Be Heard

 Party & Celebration Decoration and Balloons

Cigarette Butts and Litters

School and Office Supplies

On the Go - Travel

Travel Utensils

Other Travel

Zero-Waste Kit