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Below is a list of local resources that can aid you in transitioning to a plastic free life.

Generation Green offers eco-friendly, sustainable products for environmentally conscious consumers. Generation Green has become known as a cheerleader and supporter of all things local!  Sourcing local, supporting local and shopping local are necessary for economic sustainability.

*Refillable hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, all purpose cleaner.*

Soap, gardening, foraging, beef, making do, simple living and hard work.  Our farm and home is located just where boreal forests face off against prairie horizons.  We live a mishmash of real life here at the shop/studio/home/farm, where the messy bits become memories and stories to save for later.  It means we love sitting out on the screened porch with kids running around, friends visiting,  honest food on the table, with geese flying overhead.   

*Known for their Bees Wax Food Wrap*

Aurora Farms

We make fine quality handmade soaps with our own goat milk, local oils and organic essential oils. Our Rose Night Cream, Healing Salve and Baby Cream make the skin feel great!  Check out our complete line at our store.  Take a workshop to learn how to make all these at home.

Soft, absorbent, incredibly comfortable, dependable protection for menstruation (or incontinence!).  You might be enticed to try reusable pads because of it's tremendous long-term reduction in cost or because it’s the eco-friendly choice, but you’ll keep using it because disposable protection simply cannot compare when it comes to your comfort. 

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