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Plastic Water Bottles

The Problem
  1. The amount of water bottles that being littered.

    • The earth is suffocating from plastic and water bottles are one of the main sources of the plastic pollution.

    • For every six water bottles used, only one makes it to the recycling bin (National Geographic).

  2. Toxic chemicals found  in the plastic water bottles worldwide can leach their hormone disrupting chemicals right into the water you are drinking from them.

    • BPA

    • DEHP

    • PCBs

    • DDT

    • Many other chemical that have yet been shown to be harmful to humans.

    • When plastic is heated or put under the world's elements, the plastic can release chemicals into our water, environment, our food chain and our bodies. These chemical are proven to be harmful to the human endocrine system.

  3. Unnecessary use and waste of earth's resources.

    • To make plastic water bottles and to fill water bottles, billions of gallons of water is used in the process, therefore potentially causing a shortage of water to surrounding communities and farmers. It is estimated that the process of producing a bottle of water requires around 6 times as much water per bottle as there is in the container (plasticoceans.org).

    • Require fossil fuels to make and transport plastic bottles. If you fill a plastic bottle with liquid so that it is 25% full, that's roughly how much oil it took to make the bottle (onegreenplanet.org).

The Solution

The solution is easy, DO NOT buy plastic water bottles. 

  1. Carry your own reusable bottles to fill up with tap water.

    • Klean Kanteen

    • Hydro Flask

    • Lifefactory Glass Bottle

    • Any bottle made of glass or metal.

  2. Refuse plastic water bottles.

  3. If you do end up with a plastic water bottle,

    • do not leave in car where it can warm up and leach chemicals into the water.

    • put it in a recycling container when it is finished.